LOVO Milk Chocolate & IPA Pairing: A Guide to Host Your Own

At LOVO Chocolate we think there is nothing more fun than gathering a group of people together to enjoy pairing our LOVO, Swiss Made, Dairy Free, & Sustainably Sourced Milk Chocolates with some of your favorite libations.

A Beer/IPA & LOVO Chocolate Pairing is a total sensory experience coupled with culture, community and more. Talk about sharing the LOVO Love.

Not to mention hosting & planning a pairing is a delightful experience, combining the bold flavors of craft beers with the creamy, smooth tastes of LOVO’s Plant Based and Vegan, Milk Chocolates.

The LOVO Chocolate Suggested Guide to Host -

Choosing the Guest List:

  • The best part of a pairing LOVO & IPA/Beers beyond the taste is that it is a totally fun sensory experience where community and sharing sit at the core. Chose the guest list with this in mind.
  • We suggest the following for your guest list: singles of no more than 10 and if coupled up to10 couple’s maximum (20 people). This will help keep things manageable and create the space for all to share freely without time constraints.

Choosing the IPA & Beers:

  • Choose a variety of IPA, Beers, or a combination with different flavor profiles.
  • Recommend you pair 4-6 IPAs with all 4 LOVO Chocolate Varieties.
  • Consider classic American IPAs, and hazy IPAs to pair with LOVO Chocolate.
  • Look for lighter beers with distinct hop characteristics, as they will pair well with our Swiss Made, Dairy Free Milk Chocolate.
Choosing the LOVO Chocolates:

We recommend you choose the entire variety of LOVO Chocolates with different flavor profiles for each pairing. This will keep your senses fully engaged and create a rich sensory pairing experience.

Pairing principles with LOVO Chocolate:

When pairing chocolate and IPA, aim for complementary or contrasting flavors. For example, a hoppy IPA can enhance the bitterness of some chocolate, while a sweeter IPA can balance the bitterness with its maltiness. These are the types of considerations for creating the optimal pairing. Most importantly have fun.

Pairing combinations:

Here are some suggested pairings to get you started:

  • LOVO Hazelnut Milk Chocolate with a classic American IPA
  • LOVO Almond Milk Chocolate with a hazy IPA
  • LOVO Oat Milk with a fruit-forward IPA
  • LOVO Coconut Milk with Stouts or Porter Beers


  • Download our FREE PDF presentation board to use for your party.
  • You could also arrange the chocolates and IPAs on a serving platter or board.
  • Either way be sure to label each chocolate and beer to make it easy for guests to identify the pairings.

Tasting Notes:

  • Provide guests with tasting notes sheets by downloading our FREE template.
  • This will work for each beer and chocolate pairing.
  • Encourage guests to take notes and share their thoughts on the combinations.

Pairing Experience:

  • Download our FREE PDF with pairing steps and suggestions.
  • Each time you are encouraging guests to take a bite of chocolate and then a sip of beer to experience how the flavors interact.
  • Discuss the pairings and encourage guests to share their favorite combinations, memories they recall and any cultural references it brings forth.
  • The entire experience should take about 60 to 90 minutes.

Additional pairings:

Offer palate cleansers to guests, such as water or plain crackers, to refresh the palate between tastings.

Have fun:

Hosting a LOVO Chocolate and IPA/Beer pairing is as much about planning the experience as it is about the flavors. Enjoy the event and the opportunity to explore new taste combinations! Best part is that the combinations are endless for many IPA & LOVO Swiss Made Chocolate Parings with friends and family.

Don’t forget to tag us in your photos of your hosted pairings. It warms our hearts to see them. #loveLOVO