Your Milk Chocolate

We know you love your milk chocolate. It's your sweet treat in the midst of your day. That feeling in your mouth as the chocolate melts, the creamy taste. So satisfying.

The Chocolate Dreams are Made of...

No surprise - we love our daily chocolate too. As longtime chocolatiers, our co-founders, Simon & Courtenay, sampled and evaluated most chocolate brands in the market.

Our mighty small team has always been focused on making chocolate which is better for you, better for the planet - and we think better tasting!

There are lots of dairy-free dark chocolate options out there but we couldn't find anything in milk chocolate. The vegan milk chocolate brands were apologetically trying to disguise any flavour from their alternative milk origin and so all the products we found were bland and uninspiring.

Our AHA! Moment

Our AHA moment was wondering what would happen if we made milk chocolate using a range of our favorite plant milks, celebrating the flavour of each milk rather than trying to hide it. We wanted to make our plant based milk chocolate in Switzerland, the home of milk chocolate, so we jumped on a flight and LOVO was born! A delicious range of different milk chocolate bars each made with a different plant milk - Almondmilk, Coconutmilk, Hazelnutmilk and Oatmilk - without dairy milk. And for us, LOVO is the Chocolate Dreams Are Made Of.

We Don't Cut Corners.

Yes, taste is why we love chocolate. However, chocolate making begins with picking the cocoa pod, and we only use the purest ingredients and the most ethical agrarian farming practices to benefit our farmers and their communities. It's very important to us that our products only contain Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa beans and that our bars are Non-GMO certified and we follow the MyClimate protocols to minimize our manufacturing carbon footprint. Also, many of our ingredients are organic but we have not pursued organic certification as we are trying to keep the price point of the end bars down.

We hope you Love LOVO as much as we do!