Why Plant Based?

Plant-Based Milk Chocolate? Don’t Mind If I Do!

Yes, milk chocolate begins and ends with that creamy melt in your mouth taste. That's what we're looking for, a treat which always gives us that ohh moment at any age.

Dairy milk chocolate is divine but we're now eating healthier and more sustainably. We discovered we love the deep and satisfying taste of plant milks, so we created a line of Swiss Made decadent milk chocolate bars without cow's milk, dairy-free.

LOVO started as a way for us to care for our bodies and the planet while still enjoying the most delicious, just-so-happens-to-be-plant-based chocolate, and we’re so glad to be sharing it with you.

So here’s the health scoop: eating more plants and plant-based foods comes with a heap of health benefits. Plants contain many essential vitamins and minerals that you just can’t get anywhere else. These vitamins can boost your immune system and reduce inflammation. A plant-based diet also has the power to reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Plant Milk Chocolate 101

Each of our vegan plant milk chocolate bars are packed with plant power in the form of a mouthwatering milk alternative.


The almighty almond can help lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar, all while delivering crucial nutrients like calcium and other vitamins. 

Chocolate with almonds


Crisp coconut milk boasts healthy fats and antioxidants, which help your body fight off disease. 


In terms of nutritional value, healthful hazelnuts are the best of both worlds: they contain the vitamins and calcium of almonds, as well as the antioxidants and healthy fats of coconuts.


Brimming with vital vitamins and minerals, creamy dreamy oat milk is also an excellent source of fiber.

Eat for the Environment, Too.

Yes, our plant-based diets can revitalize your body, however, our combined commitment towards plant-based eating could help provide some respite for our planet.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

More than 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions generated by humans come from food production, primarily meat and dairy production. 

Reduce Land Use 

What’s more, raising livestock is one of the biggest contributors to deforestation worldwide. However, opting for more plant-based options can help reduce the overall amount of land used for food production by as much as 76%!

Lessen Pollution 

You guessed it: making meat and dairy products also creates more than two times more pollution than plant-based foods. You can help decrease pollution by up to 49% by simply switching your beef out for plants sometimes.

Conserve Water

Lastly, you can even help save water by eating plant-based. Producing 2.2 lbs of nuts requires 42% less water than 2.2 lbs pounds of beef. 

You can probably understand why enthusiasm for plant-based eating has exploded in the past decade. And anyone can make a positive impact: simply incorporating more plant-based choices can help your body and the environment in all these ways and more. Sometimes a big effect starts with small changes—like switching to delectable plant chocolate.