"If you really look in nature for answers, you will have great success" - Mahendra Peiris, Rainforest Alliance Farmer

The Forest is a Marvel. It's a source of air, wind, water, food and medicine. All humans have come out of the forest for a number of centuries but nature is part of all of us. We can breathe in nature.

Industrialization has destroyed 80% of the world's forests, LOVO is committed to changing that, investing in protecting and regenerating forests through our partnership with Rainforest Alliance (RFA). We only grow our RFA certified cocoa beans under the canopy of sustainably sourced trees, grown on Rainforest Alliance farms.

We're committed to Rainforest Alliance's (RFA) Mission to conserve and improve biodiversity and ensure livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

Rainforest Alliance certified products are produced with a focus on the following areas:

Farmers and The Climate

Improving farmer's lives holistically, RFA is focused on helping farmers grow  independent businesses. Allowing each farmer to be proud of their commitment to sustainability, acting as the shepherd of the forest.

RFA teaches more sustainable eco-friendly agricultural practices to preserve the existing forest cover and canopy and regenerating and reforesting when possible. Allowing us to protect our biodiversity and natural resources as we move forward.


RFA helps farmers become more profitable and resilient through training in farm management, financial literacy and offering greater market access. Allowing each farmer to manage their independent sustainable farm while also increasing the income of the farmer, farm workers and their families.

Human Rights

Rural people manage 1/4 of the world's land, managing over 80% of our planet's biodiversity, and have a unique connection to the forest. Each worker must have their human rights protected and be rewarded fairly for their work and environmental commitment. RFA is combating human rights abuses such as child and forced labour, low wages, poor working conditions and gender inequality of farmers, farmworkers, and forest communities.

RFA follows this People, Planet, Profit model to drive change in over 60 countries.

*Source - Rainforest Alliance - www.rainforest-alliance.org